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Busted we win! Unilever for breach of warranty, violation of consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices pays up!


The Real Hair Truth I love it, I love it. Busted for whatever the lawyers could get, they got in full from Unilever!. According to documents filed Friday in Illinois federal court, Unilever United States Inc. has agreed to pay $10.2 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing it of marketing and selling a Suave-brand hair treatment that causes significant hair loss.  The Suave Keratin class action lawsuit was initially filed in August 2012 on behalf of a class of consumers who purchased or used Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30-Day Smoothing Kit, a product that was recalled in May 2012. The plaintiffs alleged that the product included dangerous ingredients that caused injuries, and that Unilever failed to properly inform consumers about the proper way to use the product to avoid injury.  During this time frame we at the “Real Hair Truth/Jotovi Designs Inc.” watched closely all the litigations that went forward with this class…

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Real Hair Truth Cosmetic/Beauty Product Injury Lawsuits

The Real Hair Truth

the real hair truth

Injuries from cosmetic products can come in a wide variety of forms — from allergic reactions to infections and other complications. There are two main legal theories that a person injured by a cosmetic product (the plaintiff) could sue under: product liability and breach of warranty. This article discusses what a plaintiff in a cosmetic injury suit must prove under either theory, cases specifically related to allergic reactions, and the possibility of class action lawsuits.

Product Liability: The Basics

The most likely theory to be used in a lawsuit involving cosmetic product injuries is product liability. An injured plaintiff can sue both the manufacturer and/or the seller (the defendant) of the cosmetic product if his or her injury was caused by a defect, a defective design or improper labeling. Most states follow what is called the “strict product liability” rule, although a few still use traditional negligence rules.

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I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. This treatment is $350. Thru the month of February I’m offering $50. OFF call/text (310)384-9360 email: to schedule

Patricia Lynn Laas

Bob haircut after a smoothing treatment By: Patricia Lynn LaasI’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours.

Smoothing treatments can be the most amazing 5 months of your life. Easy hair days. Keratin Complex lasts up to 5 months. Brazilian BlowOut is also great for a very specific kind of hair. Also, Cezanne a smoothing treatment launched just last year completely formaldehyde free.

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Never too late to dream – from mom to recording artist

Congrates girl

Lark & Bloom

If you are just getting caught up on your blog reading, we are in the middle of a month of risking here at Lark &  Bloom. An Uncomfortable January has been full of stories and thoughts from people who are getting out of their comfort zones and chasing their dreams. ( click here to read them all ) Today, I’m happy to interview Jen Stanbro, a stay-at-home mom turned recording artist.


Describe your dream of being a recording artist? Have you always wanted to do it?

Yes! From the time I was a little girl.

A childhood memory that resonates within me still today is of this time when I was watching one of Mariah Carey’s first ever concerts on TV. She was brand new to the scene so I couldn’t have been more than 7 years old.

I remember listening intently to every note she sang, every little…

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From Army Ranger to Fashion Photographer

Amazing shoot. I fell everything he is saying

Lark & Bloom

It is the final stretch of An Uncomfortable January, a series dedicated to taking risks. Today I am interviewing one of the riskiest people I know. Ian was an Army Ranger and risked his life for our nation (insert a standing ovation for all who have served our country) and is now a fashion photographer.  Today he is sharing his thoughts with us. Spoiler Alert: His answer to #7 is pure gold.

Pic 4 Self Portrait Photo Courtesy: Kenneth Takada 2012

1. I’ve known you for about 5 years or so, but why don’t you go ahead and tell everyone a bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Ian. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I grew up there my entire life in a home with my twin brother and wonderful mother. When I was 18 I joined the US Army to pursue a career in the military. I am now…

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Last chance to claim your money!!!


The Real Hair Truth


Organix Shampoo Maker Agrees to $6.5M Class Action Settlement Get Your Money!!!!

The maker of Organix skin and hair care products has agreed to pay $6.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit over claims that it falsely labeled its products as organic. The Organix class action settlement was filed in California federal court on August 22 and resolves all claims related to its allegedly deceptive marketing and advertising practices.

Under the terms of the Organix settlement, defendant Vogue International will pay $6.5 million into a fund set aside to compensate consumers who purchased Organix products. Class Members who submit valid claims are eligible to receive $4 for each Organix product they purchased, up to a maximum of $28. The class action settlement will also prohibit Vogue from manufacturing skin and hair care products under the Organix brand. The company also agreed to stop using the term “organic” on a…

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What about small middles?

Lark & Bloom

64673b022172014c2e2c8ad5839fb0c3 photo source unknown

I have a love-hate relationship with this phrase : Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.

Here is the part I love: Small beginnings can have big endings. You know, the whole thing about a small acorn holding within it a big oak tree.

Here is the part I hate: What happens when the “beginning” was ten years ago?

What if we are in the middle and it is still small? No resources, no recognition and no growth at the beginning is expected. Things take time…but eventually time passes and we can’t really say we are in the beginning anymore.

Nope, we are smack in the middle now. Some of us still find ourselves with no resources, no recognition and no growth. I’m gonna be honest here.

I despise the days of small middles.

It’s just not fair.

Maybe you dream of being a photographer and started…

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