Never too late to dream – from mom to recording artist

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Lark & Bloom

If you are just getting caught up on your blog reading, we are in the middle of a month of risking here at Lark &  Bloom. An Uncomfortable January has been full of stories and thoughts from people who are getting out of their comfort zones and chasing their dreams. ( click here to read them all ) Today, I’m happy to interview Jen Stanbro, a stay-at-home mom turned recording artist.


Describe your dream of being a recording artist? Have you always wanted to do it?

Yes! From the time I was a little girl.

A childhood memory that resonates within me still today is of this time when I was watching one of Mariah Carey’s first ever concerts on TV. She was brand new to the scene so I couldn’t have been more than 7 years old.

I remember listening intently to every note she sang, every little…

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