New Hair!! (Commence Freak Out.)

If you part your hair and tilt your head back your diffuser will wrap around your curls. Low high heat setting

Lipstick On My Mind

New Hair!! (Commence Freak Out.)

Oh man.

This is a posting record for me, guys. Maybe I’ll actually be able to do this blog thing! Cool.
Anyway. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I finally finally finally got a haircut. I’ve been waiting since literally like October pretty much, to get it cut this short again. My inspiration for this was a pretty recent picture of Norah Jones. Seriously, go google “Norah Jones bob” and just ogle at how great her hair is and you’ll know why she was my hairspiration (it’s a word, don’t worry).

Short hair is just so fun and also verrrrry manageable. Yeah, you gotta style it a little bit, but you never have to worry about creating a french twist (do people still do those?) or weird things like fishtail braids.

I’m trying out a few new things with this new hair, new products and a new diffuser so I’ll definitely keep you guys updated…

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