When your Poo doesn’t cut it

I also have tried so many different Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s. I’ve found my go to. Always experimenting with others. It’s a fun game for me…

Heart of JB

I’m talking about shampoo not the poo you find in a stinky diaper! Ewww. Can you tell I haven’t had kids yet haha. Anywho, I’ve tried so many different shampoo’s that I can’t remember the number. I’ve tried the professional series of shampoos and conditioner’s like my hairstylists always recommend, example: RedKen and  Joico, and then I’ve tried like Tresseme, Herbal Essence and the list goes on and on and I’ve never loved any of them.  Not one.

There H.E. always dried my hair out and for a girl who color’s her hair often I can’t have that. I’ve looked into Sulfates and everything I’ve read about them, (sulfates are in most shampoos) that’s what makes it get all foamy and bubbly. 

But it’s also bad for your hair and dries it out but it will be clean. Okay so I’ll have clean hair but it will be breaking off…

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