Month: August 2014

Sunday FunDay

Today is the day, I have so much on my mind. Blog, Newsletter even being asked to contribute to someone else’s paper or blog. 2014 has been a big success story for my business. I just opened my new studio in Beverly Hills. Crazy I know. I never dreamed of working in Beverly Hills in my own studio. Lucky enough I have a studio mate to keep the cost down. The beginnings of a new business are filled with purchases of unexpected things.

My desire is to be in my own private studio. Not sure when that will happen. My vision is December. Excited to see my growth. This year I’ve been networking in a completely different way. Meaning, last year I networked with The West Hollywood Chamber and BNI. I learned a lot. I was constantly around the same group of people. Of course, I was feeling super loved and comfortable.

Being around the same people isn’t networking to me anymore. I was spinning my wheels. My thinking was. If I give my time my money to you. You will talk about me and my work. Group networking wasn’t working to build my business. The one or two clients I would get was just paying all of my fees to network.

So my new networking gig is a place called DryBar. They only offer blowouts. Most of the time you connect or you don’t. Basically, you can blowout some hair with a bit of personality. If I feel like I’m blending well with my client I will ask them about their color. DryBar is the perfect networking gig. I meet all sorts of professional. I pass my card on to very few of them. Always selling my studio in Beverly Hills…