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For The Lovers Of Artistic Effect – The New ‘Eye Paint’ Shadows by Nars

Love the new pink

A Stairway To Fashion

The new shadows collection – ‘Eye Paint’ – from Nars come in ten bright and varied hues of cream shadows. They especially appeal to those who can, know and love to make a difficult makeup. Thanks to the new weightless gel formula these shadows can be used also as a liner – they really have a multi-use application. Despite the lightness of the texture, the colour lasts for 18 hours, the experts say. Rich, hyper-saturated shades that glide smoothly and dry down quickly in long-lasting finishes from icy metallics to modern mattes. Elevated artistry that boldly strays from the straight and narrow. The shades alter from fascinating silver, sky-blue, golden, chocolate, emerald-green, shimmering purple and deep black. Small transparent jars convenient to take along . The novelty has already entered the market and can be purchased on the official site of NARS for $ 25.00 each. Before these neat little jars will…

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Count Down to The Oscar’s


a simple French Twist for that oh so special evening. To prepare your hair cleanse well. Now apply a super light conditioner, rinse well. This is time to use mousse. I prefer Kenra. Apply Kenra mousse from roots to ends. Comb through. Now, apply Kenra Root-Lift. Only to roots. After applying take your fingers and give your hair a good rub.Working from scalp to ends. Comb through into the direction you will style.

dry roots first. Lift roots if you want to create volume. Pull down to create little to no volume. When your hair is about 70-80 % dry grab your favorite round brush. I love Ergo Brushes. To create this UpDo look. I ruff dried the hair. Using the round brush around the face. Pick your favorite spray. Lifting hair up and spray. Adding texture will help to hold the curls better.

Wand or Curling Iron:

what works for me. Hold your wand or curling iron upside down and twist down. Creating more of a texture wave than a curl. Starting at the base of the neck and working your way up the back of the head. The bigger the section you curl the softer the curl. Smaller the section,tighter the curl. After creating the curl. Set with a styling spray and softly lay aside. Working your way to the sides.

Your part:

down the middle: I recommend your curls directing back off of your face.
off to the side: I recommend your heavier side is directed towards your face and your lighter side directed back off your face.

Before Back Combing:

Pull your curls out with your fingers. Create the curl you love. If needed add a bit more spray. Starting at the nape of the neck start back combing until you reach the crown. Grab a few bobby pins and a few hairpins. Separate the hair around your hairline. I pull out random pieces. This leaves room to be creative after we create the twist.

French Twist:

You will need your hairpins, bobby pins and spray. If you part on the side. Start on the lighter side. Sweep back and smooth with your bobby pins and spray. Secure your pins by crossing them over one another. If you part in the middle. You can start on any side you want. Don’t forget to leave some hair out around your hair line. Now this gets a little tricky. Taking your heavier side, remembering to leave out plenty of hair to play with. Wrap hair around your hand to form a roll. Use your hairpins and spray to smooth. Secure the hairpins under the bobby pins you used on the first side. About four hairpins will be needed.

Creative Part:

Now your hair should feel secure. If it doesn’t add a couple bobby pins. Start taking pieces of hair and a few bobby pin. You can simply wrap hair around the twist. Anything that looks good is the goal. Start on the lighter side. Now move over to the heavier side. Decide if you want a heavy bang or swept back off of your face.


All about hair NEWSLETTER | November 2013 | (310) 384-9360 |

All About Hair!
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Beverly Hills Hair Couture
A What will be your new look in 2014?
A new year brings the chance for a fresh look, and I see blondes in 2014. The variety of beautiful blondes possible for your hair will blow your mind. Strawberry blondes, Copper Blondes or Milky Blondes, the possibilities are endless.

Blondes are more fun, so they do require more attention. Make sure to have the right Blonde products for your shower, and Blonde styling products. Basically it’s a Blonde kindness you must have to maintain perfection. On top of shampooing no more than three times per week, though only two times would be best, make sure to see me for a relaxing in-studio Deep Condition once a week.

Once you enter for the Deep Condition, we quickly cleanse, rinse well, towel dry and comb out your beautiful hair. Your coffee or tea will be made and ready while your conditioner is being applied and you relax under the warmth. My method is 15/15/15: 15 minutes under the dryer, 15 minutes cooling, 15 minutes with the cap off. It’s the perfect winter treatment for any blonde.

Contact me today to talk about your new blonde look for 2014, and the perfect services and products to keep you turning heads all year.

Click below to learn more about me and the services I provide.

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Tip of the Month
Shampooing Longer Hair

Make it a habit to shampoo and repeat.
First brush hair before jumping in the shower.
Then shampoo twice.
The first shampoo lifts dirt, while the second time around cleanses for a perfect wash.

Our Guest:
Mary Dinius White

“Patricia Lynn has been my go-to stylist and colorist for over a year now, and I could not be more pleased. She has worked enthusiastically with me to experiment with

changes to my hair color, providing the guidance needed to ensure I would be happy with each change. Patricia Lynn executed every variation I wanted to try, no matter how subtle, with expert confidence, precision, and energy. I very highly recommend her to anyone seeking a new look or even just an adjustment to his or her current style or color.”

-Mary Dinius White

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I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Bob haircut after a smoothing treatment By: Patricia Lynn LaasI’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours.

Smoothing treatments can be the most amazing 5 months of your life. Easy hair days. Keratin Complex lasts up to 5 months. Brazilian BlowOut is also great for a very specific kind of hair. Also, Cezanne a smoothing treatment launched just last year completely formaldehyde free.

have you ever had a #SmoothingTreatment ? @KeratinComplex is what I used on Carla. this hair is thick and a bit textured. Not curly just a bit unruly. So we decided the best thing for Carla’s bob will be a smoothing treatment. I’ve found that Keratin Complex lasts the longest. 5 months is a long time to have fabulous # Hair
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20140105-114657.jpg 20140105-113343.jpg

Favorite hair color client. I see her every four weeks to refresh her base color. Every 8 weeks we add some softness to the ends and freshen up or change the cut. Completely depends on the trends…
Then I just had to ask a 2014 question of the day. Do boys really love to Blonde.?